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Deploy in Mainland of China


For user who want to deploy your own projects in the mainland of China, please contact to enable certain feature beta program.

Domains Domains

The global domain is only available for deployments outside mainland of China, the users inside the mainland of China will visit servers outside the China(which might cause unstable visiting experience). If you want to deploy service to mainland of China and have accepted by the program, your services will be automated deployed to the in lets deploy.

Custom Domains


Please ensure your custom domain already finshed the ICP Registration under the Tencent Cloud

The dns cname source for mainland of China service are different. Once you have enable the ability to deploy in mainland of China, please use as your cname source.


The deployments under the same project are separate for the global and the cn domains. For example, if you didn‘t specify the deployment location, it will deploy to the global domains by default, you will need to deploy again with --cn flag if you want to deploy to the domain in the mainland of China again.

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