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Deploy to Web3 infra


Web3 deploy only support frontend project (statics, e.g. react, vue, etc)


How to deploy

lets deploy --web3

What did it done for me?

to know more, you can take a look at this slides: Deploy your web3 apps with a single command

1. Permanent Storage

First, will host your static files on Arweave's permaweb: A global, permanent web of pages and applications that live forever.

2. Decentralized Routing Network

Then your files served by Arweave's permanent storage will be pinned on ipfs, so that users can access your Dapps with a more user friendly domain with the comming Web3 nameing service.

3. Web3 name service

Every project you have deployed with will be assigned a unique domains under by default. And domains in the each depolyment will be auto assigned a ipfs dns link for your projects' users to visit. You wouldn't need to do anything the deployment, handled them for you.

And by the way, you can also use lets link to the project. will take cover of the custom domains either.

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